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Hello Mirror

Your Fitness Mirror



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Your Fitness Studio at Home

The reflection of the mirror allows you to see yourself continuously throughout your workout, allowing you to control your execution and posture. Our training journeys accompany you to your fitness goals in the long term!

  Your way to a six pack
  Achieve your goals 
  The best trainers in your home

Your personal trainer

The Mirror not only brings the best trainers to your home, but helps you maintain the right nutrition and mental attitude to achieve your goals in the long run.

  Achieve dream figure
  Lose weight and build muscles
  Finally live simply and healthily

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We love Hello Mirrors


Franzi, Munich

The mirror is just great, I think it's great to work out in your own four walls. I feel fitter than ever and it's super easy to stick with it.


Gabriel, Berlin

It is simply amazing how quickly I have got used to training at home. I need a maximum of 30 minutes and can just start my day with a great feeling of having done something for my health.


Judith, Cologne

Snip, snip, six-pack at the start. I love the Hello Mirrors trainers because they always motivate me to do my best. It's exhausting, but I always feel great afterwards.

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Success promise

If you stick to the training, the diet and the journey, we guarantee that you will reach your goal. If not, you get your money back!

  Guaranteed result
  Workouts according to your fitness level
  More crass than anything you've ever done

Technical data


Height: 1200 mm
Width: 455 mm
Depth: 30 mm
Weight: 16 kg

Technical details

Display: 32 inch (9:16)
Camera: 12 MP Full-HD Camera
Sound: Stereo
Microphone: External
Wireless connection: Wi-Fi / Bluetooth
Connections: USB 3.0 / Ethernet / SD card / Audio in


The Hello Mirrors mirror comes with an aluminium frame.
You can set it up in just a few minutes.

Fits perfectly into your life

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